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Mistaken identity: A paralyzed man was pulled from the car by police

Mistaken identity: A paralyzed man was pulled from the car by police

A man paralyzed in both legs who was in Maryland with his family was allegedly forced out of his car and left on the ground in the road by police officers, who allegedly mistook him for the suspect in a crime in the area.

“I have no problem going out,” [mais] I’m paralyzed. Do you want me to go out? i need your help. “I’m paralyzed,” the man can be seen repeatedly asking police to get out of the car, in a video posted to TikTok on Monday and shared by The Mirror on Thursday.

The intervention of the two police officers in the state of Maryland was seen more than 1.1 million times after the two officers pulled the man from his seat, before asking him to put his feet on the ground while holding him under his shoulders to stand.

“I can’t, I’m paralyzed!” The man then responded, looking angry, before he was placed on the ground on the road, despite the protests of his wife, who tried to explain the situation to the officers.

In the footage, officers can be seen lifting the man back into the car, before asking his wife to remove his wheelchair so they could arrest him in connection with a crime in the area that matched the man’s description. The suspect, according to police.

In a second video, we can see the paraplegic person being handcuffed, before being taken out a few seconds later, in what may appear to be a case of mistaken identity, according to British media.

If The Mirror did not specify the outcome, many netizens said they were “disgusted, sad and angry” at the scene, denouncing the way in which the intervention was carried out.

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“It should never have happened this way. […] “I’m sorry this happened,” the first said. “Why did he need to get out of the car?” “It’s ridiculous,” he wondered again.

“This cop knows he’s in big trouble. I hope you get justice for this,” a third insisted in the comments.