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Une enquête de plusieurs mois menée par des experts népalais et américains a permis de découvrir son origine frauduleuse.

The Hindu idol stolen in the United States has returned to the temple in Nepal

A stone representing the deities Lakshmi and Narayan dates back to the 12th and 15th centuries. Recently discovered at the Dallas Art Museum, it was restored Saturday to the Kathmandu Temple, which was stolen 37 years ago.

A 12th- and 15th-century Hindu stone recently discovered in a museum in the United States was restored Saturday at the Kathmandu Temple, which was stolen 37 years ago. Stone, stolen in 1984 and representing the Hindu deities Lakshmi and Narayanan, was returned to Nepal in March by the FBI and the Dallas Museum of Art, where it has been rented out to a collector since 1990.

A multi-month investigation by Nepalese and US experts and officials from both countries was able to uncover its fraudulent origins. On Saturday, the sculpture was taken back to its temple on a pedestal and placed on its original pedestal to play religious songs and traditional music. A copy that has been revered by locals since the original disappears is tucked aside. “We are very happy. For the last three or four years our effort has been successful and everyone is happy., Welcomed Thilendra Raj Srestha, who is in charge of the campaign to restore Nepal’s heritage. Stell will now be protected by laser sensors and video cameras, he said.

Feeding Western Art Markets

We see the beginning of a trend of sending the gods of Nepal back to the United States, Europe and the other countries where they landed., US Ambassador to Kathmandu Randy Perry was delighted. “I hope this will be the first celebration in a long series“In Nepal, Hindu and Buddhist temples and traditional sites cease to exist daily.I believe there is change globally. Many countries are demanding that their works be restored. And legally Nepal is in a very good position because exports were never allowed.”, Explained Professor Erin L. Thompson, an expert in art crimes, said the tweet, which questioned Stell’s appearance, sparked an investigation.

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Returning to tradition It has become a thorny subject for museums around the world. Nepal has recovered six works stolen this year and is seeking further recovery in France, the United States and the United Kingdom.