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Cette affaire s'ajoute à une multitude d'autres cas dont les autorités britanniques ou allemandes accusent la Russie et ses services de renseignement.

Britain, which is suspected of spying for Moscow, is in danger of being deported

David S., who works as a guard at the embassy gate, is accused of sending information about the United Kingdom and Germany.

The AFP learned from judicial sources on Friday (December 3) that an employee of the United Kingdom embassy in Berlin, suspected of spying for Russia’s interests, had been threatened with deportation to his native country.

The extradition request for London is currently being considered by the Brandenburg-sur-Howell Attorney’s Office, the latter being confirmed to AFP, confirming the weekly’s information. Glass.

The government suspects that David S., a British national who works as a security guard at the embassy gate, has been sending the latest information to Russian intelligence since November 2020. The information circulating against cash payments is mainly about Great Britain and, very rarely, Germany. Glass, Indicates that the suspect opposes deporting him. Germany announced its arrest on August 11 following a joint investigation by British and German services.

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A new spy case

The lawsuit was probably funded by British and German officials, who blamed Russia and its intelligence services. In Germany, the Kremlin’s responsibility is the bribery unit. In late June, a Russian scientist working at a German university was suspected of spying for Moscow.

But, above all, last August he tried to poison rival Alexei Navalny, for which Moscow was held accountable by the West, which greatly contributed to the poisoning of German-Russian relations. In a coma, Alexei Navalny was rushed to a Berlin hospital, where he was diagnosed with poisoning by German doctors.

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Several Russian ambassadors accused of spying have been expelled from Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Austria, France and the Czech Republic in recent months. Each time, Moscow responded in a balanced way, denouncing the baseless allegations and “russophobes.