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The good recipe for the longevity of Fashion Cakes

The good recipe for the longevity of Fashion Cakes

The cake factory is part of the Beauce landscape, just like Jos Louis, 1/2 Moon cakes, or Swiss Rolls.

If they are fashionable It had humble beginnings As Jacques Vachon, the founder’s grandson, tells us, the family business has become a leader in the Quebec economy.

This name, I believe, is marked for the majority of Quebecers. Maybe not in the new generation of 10 or 15 years ago […]but if we take people from 30, 35 and over, up to 80, 85, fashion is synonymous with cake. »

Quote from Jack Fashion, grandson of the founder.

The building that housed the Fashion outlet and factory in 1946 (file photo)

Image source: Vachon.

Jack Fashion believes this reputation has been built By rigor and hard work Both in production and in the sale of products.

An employee in a fashion factory.

An employee in a fashion factory.

Image source: Vachon.

And longtime employees wouldn’t say otherwise. Louise Poulin, an employee with 36 years of seniority, adds that she has a fashon tattooed on the heart. His colleague, Lison Boiler, an employee with 32 years of experience, regards the company as a his second family.

Fashion Cakes: 100 Years of Dessert

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Maxime Coutié revitalizes the story today.

the key of success

Historian Kathryn Verland also believes that Vachon’s success was due to its proximity to the population. It was not about caviar, but about the cakes that were part of lunch peopleshe explained.

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Katherine Ferland adds that the Vachon family members were geniuses in selling their products, as delivery trucks were painted in Joss Louis colours. It’s hard to see them not running to get some groceries, according to the historian.

Photo of Jose Luis Cake on Fashion Delivery Truck.

Joss Louis Fashion.

Photo: Radio Canada

From yesterday to today

Today, the company with 500 employees produces 350 million cupcakes annually, which are distributed throughout Canada and part of the United States. They make 45 different products.

An employee puts ice on a register.

A Fashion employee applying icing to a record in the 1980s (file photo)

Image source: Vachon.

The company was sold to Saputo in 1999. Since 2014, it has been owned by a subsidiary of Mexican company Grupo Bimbo. But for the current owners, the family aspect is still part of Fashion Cakes’ core, 100 years later.

Everyone knows someone who works at Fashion Bakery. It is often a family affairsays the current owner of Vachon, Marie-Eve Royer, who is also the president of Bimbo Canada.

In collaboration with Bruno Savard and Pierre-Olivier Nadeau