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The first LGBTQ + Museum will open in the UK

The first LGBTQ + Museum will open in the UK

Located in a charity building Art FundingNear King’s Cross Station in London, The Queer Britain After four years of preparation and some deadline, it will open its doors to the public this spring after being pushed back by the epidemic. Between permanent and temporary exhibitions, the National Museum sets out to highlight the history, culture, heritage and important personalities of LGBTQIA + communities that have long been isolated from the community.

“I’m so glad we’re got a place to finally show what Queer Britain can do, and we’re here for all communities, from ex-lesbian feminists to young bizarre people of all genders, and races. Queer Britain aims to tell many, many different stories. We have a home for that now. “ Museum Superintendent Lisa Power explains.

In a multicultural and progressive city like London, Queer Britain fills the entire LGBTQIA + community with a lack of representation and recognition, and hosts its history in an urban landscape. The capital mayor Sadiq Khan congratulated the progress. “As mayor, it’s very important to me that London be a city where LGBTQ + people feel valued, happy and secure. London sends a clear message to the world as a beacon of diversity.”

The opening date has not yet been announced, but the museum has already stated that admission is free and donations are welcome.

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