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Relieving Tayseer of his duties / stealing the secrets of the members of the circle (summary in advance + video of episode 621)

Relieving Tayseer of his duties / stealing the secrets of the members of the circle (summary in advance + video of episode 621)

“Here It All Begins” Presented with the Actual News Detailed Recap of Episode 620 for Wednesday, March 15th, 2023 + Video Excerpt- In this new episode, Teyssier admits he cheated. Elliot takes his courage in both hands while Lionel and Solal finish or almost finish the story.


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Previous summary here It all starts on Tuesday 14 March Also available online. Interesting read.

“Here It All Begins” Synopsis advance March 15, 2023

Lionel and Solal almost have the end of the story

Antoine Merrill has filed a complaint about the disappearance of his car. Lionel and Solal roam the streets of Calvière, looking for the institute’s director’s car. They end up getting their hands on the car. It’s parked in a small street. Minutes have been pasted on the windshield. Solal and Lionel find empty kebab crates inside the cabin. Instead, they did artwork on the car and covered it with graffiti and various drawings. Solal is upset. He thinks they’d better report it to each other because technically they didn’t eat this magic mushroom on purpose. Lionel convinces Sollal to clean the car and put it back in place.

Antoine finds his car intact in its parking lot in the institute’s car park. The keys are on his desk. It was accompanied by the word “Sorry”. Antoine apologizes to his son for doubting him. Lionel and Solal attend the scene and Lionel interferes with their conversation. He subtly suggests Antoine withdraw his complaint.

A little later, Lionel and Solal were recast by Lestrach’s president. I caught them the night before at 6 am eating pickles with strawberry jam at the rep. Then I agreed not to denounce them. They promised her to put everything away, but they did nothing and she was the one who cleaned everything. Lionel and Solal begged her not to say anything to Antoine Mireille. Solal then admits to their teacher that they took the hallucinogenic mushrooms without doing it on purpose and that they don’t remember what they did. Olivia is distraught, but agrees not to say anything this time.

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For his part, Antoine calls the police station to find out how to withdraw the complaint. Since this is a pre-complaint online, if he does not go to check it, it will not be considered.

Meanwhile, Lionel and Sollal make a timeline of their crazy Amelia, they are almost done with the story, the only thing they don’t know is how they ended up naked in the same bed.


Antoine does not agree with Elliot’s decision

Elliot admits to Jasmine that he feels guilty for leaving her alone with Nael. The young woman tries to reassure him. She is not alone. Axel and Hortense are there to support him. Yasmine also notes that Nael is about two years old and that he is independent in certain things. Hortense and Jasmine encourage Elliot to leave, assuring him that they will make it.

Elliott later goes to Antoine’s office and shows him the Double A Nomade project, which he finished three months before opening. Antoine congratulates him on his work. Elliot takes his courage in both hands and announces his decision to leave the institute to join Greg in Japan. But Antoine does not approve of his choice, because he has only three months left before graduation. He is afraid of ruining his future career. Elliot explains to him that he will never screw anything up because he is coming back in June for graduation with Greg. Antoine, then, believes that it would not be fair to his fellow toilers. Elliot replies that he will not be on vacation and that he will help Greg at the restaurant. Then he asked him to help him convince President Tessier that Antoine would only stand with him once. So he can’t do anything for him. Antoine hopes Elliot will not regret his choice.

Elliott is lost and doesn’t know what to do. Hortense encouraged him to join Greg in Japan and quickly. Mahdi confirms that Tayseer will not allow him to graduate. Hortense replies that it is enough to convince him. In the aftermath, Elliot gets a call from Greg and looks worried.

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Circle members’ secrets were stolen

Emmanuel is embarrassed by the anonymous message posted the day before on the institute’s WhatsApp group. Everyone now knows that he cheated to get the director’s job. Theo is sorry and excuses himself. Nobody was supposed to learn that. Emmanuel quickly realized that this word was actually a secret he had given his son to join the circle. Emmanuel regrets that Theo said something about him. Theo reminds his father that at that time he had been demoted to number two. Theo then insists no one was supposed to know and explains that Vic told them she had burned all of their secrets. Emmanuel does not trust the student and calls her fierce. He is convinced that she will never get rid of secrets, as they give her too much power.

At the Institute, Clotilde shares her concerns with Emmanuelle a little later. Clotilde is afraid that everyone will find out that she helped him cheat and that this story will fall on her. Clotilde Emmanuel stepped forward to confront her. He does not involve her in cheating and in return she will vote for him in the reappointment of the administration. Emmanuel is suspicious of this unexpected turn.

Theo’s secret stirs up trouble at the institute and a meeting is organized. At the foot of the wall, Emmanuel admits to Claire that he cheated while jousting for direction. But he does not want to fall alone and assures that Clotilde helped him. Claire blames the hit. Clotilde says she is sorry and excuses herself. At the time, I thought Emmanuel would be a better manager.

Not far from there, Theo arrives at Vic’s room and asks him if messing with people’s lives amuses him. The young woman confesses to him that the secrets of the members of the circle are gone. She hid them under her bed. Someone stole them. Vic ends up confiding in Theo that she has kept them in case Amber, Samia, and Billy turn on her. Theo points out that she does not know how to love and that all she knows is to lie and manipulate others. Theo thinks he did well to leave her.

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Later, Amber, Enzo, and Mehdi come across Vic in the park and confront the young woman. Hortense’s sister admits she has kept secrets. I pulled them out of the flames as they left the secret room. Vic says she’s sorry and then admits to them that someone stole the secrets. She does not know who could have entered her room. Enzo is worried, because if his secret is revealed, the entire institute will be in trouble.

A new meeting is being organized. Students continue to talk about the letter they received the day before. The educational team has no choice but to make a decision. Since Emmanuel admits to cheating, Claire sees no other solution than to relieve him of his duties immediately. But the position of director is appointed within several weeks. In the meantime, it is necessary to appoint an intermediate manager. Louis prompts his mother to apply. Antoine admits he thought of her too, especially because she already knows the job. But Claire declines this offer because she no longer wants to find herself in the midst of these power struggles. Lewis then proposed his candidacy to be the institute’s interim director.

Video here of it all starting Wednesday, March 15, 2023

This is where it all begins in 2023 News Actual

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