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The dress code sparks strong reactions in Missouri

This week, the Missouri House of Representatives passed a stricter dress code for women, a change controversial because of its gender bias.

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CNN reports that under the new regulations, female politicians in the US state of Central America are required to cover their shoulders with a jacket, such as a jacket, cardigan or jacket.

This addition to the dress code proposed by Republican Ann Kelly has sparked outrage among Democrats who believe the change is sexist because it does not modify the men’s dress code in any way.

In the Missouri House of Representatives, men are required to wear jackets, ties, and dress shirts. It was customary for women to wear “dresses, skirts, or shorts worn with a jacket or jacket and appropriate dress shoes or boots.”

According to Ms. Kelly, this change was necessary to ensure gender equality in the bedroom with this change “cleaning up some of the language by reversing the language in the men’s dress code”.

“Do you know what it feels like to have a group of men in this room staring at your top and trying to figure out if it’s okay or not?” Democratic Representative Ashley Onn denounced it.

For his part, Democrat Peter Meredith indicated that he was unable to judge the clothes that fit women, in the same way that the Republicans did not want to force them to wear masks during the outbreak of the epidemic.