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Canadians: The Canadiens suffered a 6-4 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets

Canadians: The Canadiens suffered a 6-4 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets

Facing the worst team in the Eastern Conference, the Canadiens fell to the Columbus Blue Jackets 6-4 in a game packed with turnovers on Thursday.

The Canadian started the game after suffering a terrible suffocating punt from Columbus that led to a loss for the Montreal team.

Showing flexibility, the Canadian tried to correct the boat, but the chances that Columbus took during the match announced an attacking game.

While entering a territory in Montreal Territory, Cole Selinger accidentally deflected a shot into Jordan Harris. For Sillinger’s goal, Brad Larsen’s men made just two shots at the net, one of which paid off for the American midfielder.

A game that revolved around offense gave way to strength during this first period. A brawl behind Samuel Montembolt’s net set the stage for the rest of the first half.

On numerous occasions, Mathieu Olivier has made several checks against Canadiens players in order to make his presence felt.

Sillinger, who had a good time in this game, thanks to several turnovers by Montreal, won a showdown in Habs territory and allowed Gustav Nyquist to double the lead of the Blue Jackets.

It was a difficult first period for coach Martin St. Louis, who had seen many turnovers for his team in his area and was having a hard time maintaining defensive stability.

“I think the first period was our worst period of the season,” said Martin St. Louis. We were lucky because the score was only 2-0. »

From the first seconds of the second half, the Canadian managed a counterattack organized by Evgeny Dadonov and Josh Anderson, but failed to hit the target.

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Martin St. Louis’s tackle whipped his players from the start, and Cole Cofield took advantage of Johnny Goudreau’s conversion to create a volley that failed to thwart Korbesalo’s alertness.

“During the second half, I was convinced that we were not going to lose this game, because we regained control. We spent a lot of time in their area and created a lot of chances. It’s not an easy league, and when you start late, it will hurt you,” St. Louis said.

Once again, Monahan and Chicage clashed with Corbesalo who did not give up and allowed his team to stay in the match. With the pace swinging to the Canadian’s side, Sillinger continued to be the more threatening by taunting Montembeault, but to no avail.

The Canadian’s best chance belonged to Christian Dvorak: he ran away in front of Korbesalo who did not manage to thwart him, because he touched the post.

All seemed to be going well for Montreal, but Evgeny Dadonov was ejected for an accidental check, giving the Blue Jackets a chance to widen the gap. However, they were unable to realize their chance.

Although Columbus got plenty of chances from Nyquist and Selinger, Montreal held on to the gas and was rewarded with a third line. At the end of the second half, Habs was able to tie the game, after good work by Brendan Gallagher allowing Josh Anderson to reset the counters on the power play. For Anderson, this is his fifth goal in the Canadian uniform.

Early in the third period, Montreal continued their good work with lead checking and Corbesalo kicking home, but Corbesalo kept his team in the game.

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As David Savard went down in the middle of the ice, Jonny Goudreau launched a Blue Jackets counterattack that allowed its captain, Boone Jenner, to regain the lead for his team, following a tic-tac-toe assist with Kent Johnson.

Jenner’s goal gave the Wings the Ohio formation by hitting checks and pounding Montempault’s net.

A great sequence started by Mike Hoffman allowed Dvorak to perfectly serve Brendan Gallagher, who managed to snag the Columbus Blue Jackets’ goaltender. The fiery Canadian forward, who brought plenty of energy throughout the game, scored his third goal of the season.

While Montreal closed the gap thanks to Gallagher, Columbus came from behind, due to a one-man action by Sean Kurally that allowed Columbus to regain control in this meeting. Corralli scored his fourth goal of the season, thanks to an assist from defender Eric Robinson.

His teammate Mathieu Olivier, who played a strong game in terms of strength, emerged again, but in the offensive sector by opening his counter this season with his first goal of the campaign.

This attacking match continued a few seconds after Olivier’s goal. Nick Suzuki took advantage of the fine work of Kirby Dutch and Jonathan Kovacevich to close the deficit by one goal in the third period.

Columbus continued to hit Montreal with his attacks and was rewarded for his cruelty. Kurally capitalized on a dangerous jump near the ramp to catch Montembeault and edge past the Quebec goalkeeper.

“That’s why I got hit. If I went 100%, I wouldn’t hesitate… I was late and got hit on the side,” says Montembelt.

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The two teams that shot each other throughout the match continued attacking the net until the last second of the match. Columbus came close to scoring the seventh over Montreal, but the third period ended.

For Montreal, this is a second straight loss.