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The Blue Walker 3 satellite weighs heavily on the astronauts

The Blue Walker 3 satellite weighs heavily on the astronauts


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A giant satellite is causing some buzz, because it will be responsible for light pollution, it is the Blue Walker 3 satellite. Decryption with journalist Nicolas Chateauneuf on the set of 20 Hours, Friday, October 20.

The Blue Walker 3 satellite’s mission is to provide mobile broadband. Its antenna is huge. Light disturbs astronauts. They are as strong as stars, and much brighter. Its antenna is so strong that it reflects sunlight. The light path from this satellite disturbs and disrupts radio telescopes that explore distant regions of the universe, as well as those responsible for discovering asteroids. “Its designers want to launch 90”refers to Nicolas Chateauneuf, in the 20 Hours collection, Friday, October 20.

Space gold rush

The problem: Space is more and more crowded and there is no governance: At an altitude of about 500 kilometers, in low orbit, there are 5,000 satellites from Elon Musk, 600 satellites from OneWeb, but none of them guarantees the law of the road. We are witnessing a space gold rush.

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