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The "French Services" space in Rochefort-Montagne

The “French Services” space in Rochefort-Montagne

It is the first Solidarity Home in the department to be classified. Owner of Governor Philippe Chopin, Lionel Chauvin, President of the District Council of Puy-de-Dome and Martin Bony, Vice-President in charge of Disability to open, on Tuesday, December 14, a space for the French services inside the Maison des Solidarités Rochefort – Montagne-Sansi.

More public services for the residents of the region

Residents will be able to find a one-stop shop to solve all administrative procedures, first at the level of complete information to be well-guided, and then support in non-physical procedures.

France Services facilitators are digital facilitators: their task is to help the public use digital equipment: to carry out online actions (employment center, social housing, APL), search for information, or simply create an email account.

Good listening to help you in your steps

France Services aims to support users in administrative procedures, to create a complete file with you for all your requests. It is also the relay that puts you in touch with other services and solves difficult situations.

A complete package of services: for all phases that characterize your life, whether in the context of your work (training, employment, retirement), your health, your identity (marital status, family), justice, where you live, your mobility and your budget.

The structure is partially financed by the state

The France Services mark allows the holder of a classified structure to receive annual state funding to operate the service in the amount of 30,000 euros.

Support – Protection – Innovate

(Photo Valentine Utah)