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Science and technology programs will make more room for the climate crisis

Science and technology programs will make more room for the climate crisis

Students and teachers are demanding a review of science and technology programs to make more room for environmental issues in schools, and these programs are now scheduled to be officially updated by the end of the decade, according to information obtained by . duty.

Quebec wants to make primary and secondary school students more aware of “current issues”, particularly climate change, but also the accelerating development of new technologies. Education Minister Bernard Drainville made the announcement when he spoke Friday morning to teachers gathered at the annual conference of the Association for the Teaching of Science and Technology of Quebec (AESTQ).

Young people and teachers will have to wait a few more years. Quebec First is completing the implementation of the new Culture and Citizenship Quebec (CCQ) course for next year. There will also be a review of the French language programme, the language of instruction in 2025. The science and technology programmes, dating back to 2001 for primary and 2006 for secondary, will then be reviewed.

Elementary schools will have the option of implementing the new science and technology curriculum for the 2026-2027 year. It will then be mandatory for the fall 2027 academic year.

At the secondary level, the programs will be updated and implemented optionally in 2028-2029. It will be mandatory from fall 2029.

Quebec plans to hold primary consultations starting this fall, particularly with stakeholders from the school network and university researchers. Consultations for secondary programs should begin in 2025.

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