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The Big and Dark Little Nightmares is coming to iOS and Android mobile phones in 2022

Little Nightmares, the famous and dark adventure starring the six little kids who arrived on PC and consoles five years ago, will soon arrive on iOS and Android mobile phones. This was announced by Playdigious, which is responsible for other outlets for smartphones and tablets such as Streets of Rage 4 or Dead Cells, among others, confirming that the title from Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco Entertainment will be available on the App Store and Google Play before the end of this year 2022.

tactile nightmares

Little Nightmares was bursting with great anticipation in mid-2017 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, unleashing a fantastic puzzle-game adventure that actually turned out to be quite disturbing and disturbing. It wasn’t until a year later that its full version of the Nintendo Switch arrived with the rest of the platforms, including its own DLC; In 2020, it becomes part of Stadia.

Now iOS and Android mobile users will have the opportunity to enjoy a great game where Six, a fearsome little protagonist (though brave at the same time) will have to avoid the threats of The Maw, a mysterious ship full of corrupt beings who want to satisfy their greed with anything, including six.

And although the first trailer offers visuals for the PC version, officials confirm that it will retain the same visual characteristics on mobile phones and tablets. At the moment, there is no exact release date, although they have confirmed that it will arrive before the end of this year 2022.

The Little Nightmares franchise is no stranger to iOS and Android, because in 2019 Very Little Nightmares was released, a simpler version, with a more literal visual style and in a portrait format as a prequel to the Six Adventures that took place. be a great success.

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