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The back of the Chihuahua on the McDou table is infuriating

More and more dog owners like to bring their loyal companion with them everywhere. But when Pompon finds himself with his back to a table at McDonald’s, it draws comments.

Two McDonald’s patrons shamelessly laid black and white Chihuahuas on a table inside the Melbourne restaurant while waiting for their meal.

A photo taken by a client who couldn’t believe it was posted online. “Who doesn’t love dirty dog ​​anus on their table?” We wrote sarcastically.

Many netizens called the behavior of the dog owners “disgusting”.

One person points out: “I love my dogs, but their butts just don’t fit inside, let alone sit on a table.”

“It’s not good food, but that doesn’t mean their dirty dog ​​can sit on the table!” someone else adds.

“Yach! On the other hand, the little dog is cute.”

Many netizens found the couple’s gesture questionable to say the least, but some defended it.

Someone comments: “Unless you plan on licking the table, I don’t know why that bothers you.”

“You’re at McDonald’s. That dog’s anus is probably the cleanest thing out there,” someone else quipped.

“If you eat at McDonald’s, your standards are really low,” says another user.

And you, what do you think? Is that little dog on a fast food restaurant counter disgusting?

According to the Daily Mail

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