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In Ottawa, it’s the apple pie era…

Find the error. The Trudeau government is spending a lot, but it is spending well on its current projects.

As a contradiction, it’s hard to do better. However, this is what emerged from Angus Reid’s latest poll, conducted the day after the federal budget.

This is how 45% of voters found Justin Trudeau to be spending too much.

But when we cite his most expensive social programs, more than two-thirds of Canadians support his choice.

As Justin Trudeau argued during his visit to Val d’Or on Monday, “In a country as rich as Canada, it is not okay not to provide dental care for everyone.”

Indeed, the era of poor people who had their teeth pulled out should be over. In the same vein, how could we not lend a helping hand to the many families who use food banks?

Welcome to the age of apple pie. What matters today is the goodwill, not its usefulness. And for that, we thank the pandemic.

What billions?

The forced shutdown of the economy, and the prospect of a Great Depression is worth what happened in the 1930s. We understand that governments threw out all budget integrity at the start of the pandemic.

The problem is that it gets too easy.

The idea of ​​having to pay, though it remained real to the citizens, was relegated to the governments.

So the problem is not that liberals want to expand the country’s social safety net. Rather, they don’t worry about how they will be funded. (On the subject, $21 billion savings, we’ll believe it, when we see it…)

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It’s called the desire for butter, the money for butter, and the smile of a milkmaid with it.