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A major road in a small town is closed due to potholes

For the past five days, the commune of Sainte-Sophie-de-Lévrard, in Centre-du-Québec, has preferred to temporarily restrict traffic in the Sainte-Agathe Randy due to several faults. The thaw period seems particularly difficult.

Classification has been a difficulty in vehicle bodies for many years according to local residents.

My son came to our house and couldn’t leave with his car. He tore his brakes. “Here, the suspensions and alignments are all the time,” explained Andre Bresse.

The speed limit is 70 kilometers per hour in a row, but if it exceeds 20 kilometers per hour, vehicle breakdowns are to be expected.

Many repair bills accumulate. This miserable situation will not be new to the neighborhood.

“I, I have back problems, like these holes. I go out as infrequently as possible because without it, I have several days with increased medication and I find it hard to walk,” said Marie-Claude Demers, a local resident.

The dispute has been the bypass of Route 226 for two years and these many lanes have damaged it.

The road is difficult to access for garbage trucks and emergency services as well as Canada Post, which decided not to risk refusals to go to lodgings on line.

“The ambulance, if it sees the street closed and I’m here with a heart attack, it will turn to the other side. A citizen shouted.

However, the mayor of the place, Jean-Guy Baudi, ensures that everything possible is done, taking into account several factors.

“We plan to pass the class next week. It’s not about the budget, it’s about the availability of the classes. It’s also about the temperature. We’ve laid almost a hundred tons of stones this spring to try to plug some holes,” explained Jean-Guy Boudet.

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A $6 million repair project is planned for part of the range in order to improve its conditions.

Bid must be released within two weeks.