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The Antidote offers a reformulation by generative AI

The Antidote offers a reformulation by generative AI

Montreal, December 5, 2023 /CNW/ – Druide Informatique today deploys its Paraphrase Engine, the first application of generative artificial intelligence (AI) on Antidote. Thanks to this new functionality based on recent developments in major language models, users can paraphrase entire sentences, or even entire paragraphs of their texts.

A new recast mode is added to Antidote Web, accessible via a button or via a floating icon. In this mode, Antidote can offer up to three different formulas to paraphrase the original sentence or paragraph; We choose what we like best and enter it directly into the text. Because Antidote interacts directly with a range of Web, Windows, and Mac programs, refactoring fits in naturally, without copying and pasting.

Paraphrasing revamps the original sentence by modifying its vocabulary or grammatical shifts. It is especially effective for giving a more natural look to text in a second language, for example, English text written by a French speaker. It also helps fix breaks reported by Antidote, which indicate potential grammatical errors. With a bilingual subscription, paraphrasing is done in French and English, depending on the language of the original text.

“Intelligent paraphrasing operations enabled by generative AI open up a whole new dimension and take the power of Antidote’s language checker to an unprecedented level,” says Eric Brunel, president of Druide and lead designer of Antidote. “We are very excited to see how our customers will benefit from this new technology, because we intend to regularly develop it and take it even further.”

Paraphrasing using Antidote Web is being offered, at no additional cost, as part of beta testing to the general public. Druide invites all users of Antidote+ and Antidote Web to take advantage of the rework and provide their feedback.

Antidote Web is offered as part of the Antidote+ package as well as an enterprise subscription. Details can be found at

Druide Informatique is a company that specializes in linguistic AI since 1993 and produces and markets it Antitoxinthe largest writing assistance program in French and English, in addition to Press “Touch”., the famous keyboard learning program. In addition to these applications, the sales team distributes books Druid editionsa subsidiary whose mission is to publish literature and reference works.

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Source: Droid Informatics

Information: Jacinth Bruno ([email protected](514-484-4998, ext. 896)

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