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Discover and test 33 indie game demos on Xbox now!

Discover and test 33 indie game demos on Xbox now!

A diverse offer for all tastes

the Demos provided It affects several categories of games, including:

  • Adventure games
  • Racing Games
  • shooters
  • Roguelets
  • RPG

The perfect opportunity to spend quality time alone or with your loved ones during the end of the year.

Vagros – Shattered Realms: An epic adventure in the heart of a ruined world

  • Vagros – Shattered Worlds It is a role-playing game set in a dark, post-apocalyptic world.
  • The player assumes the role of Vagros, a caravan leader, who must manage his own group of fighters and mystics while exploring a world ravaged by supernatural forces.
  • A must-try title for all fans of RPGs and epic stories.

Parcel Corps: Express delivery in a crazy world

Parcel body
  • in Parcel bodyThe player finds himself under the control of a high-speed drone and must deliver packages in a challenging futuristic world.
  • Rush through levels, dodging obstacles and enemies, and unlock new abilities to improve your drone.
  • An addictive game that will delight fans of frenetic racing.

Play and make your voice heard!

The main goal of this experiential engagement process is alsoEncourage players to share their opinions about these games with their creators. Tester feedback is very valuable to developers, who can improve their project before the game’s official release.

Jessica Ronnellhead of the ID@Xbox team, encourages players to test out these different demos and Providing feedback to teams: “We encourage you to try it out with your friends and family during the holiday season starting today and in the coming weeks as demos become available.”

To blog:

  • Demos are compatible with Xbox series And Xbox One For specific addresses.
  • Demo content may differ from the final version of the game and is subject to change.
  • Availability of demos in each country may vary depending on developers.
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Other titles you can discover among the 33 indie games on offer

This exceptional process gives you the opportunity to test many other demos that deserve your attention, such as:

  • Roguematch: Off-Planet Invasiona roguelike shooting game where you have to fight invaders from parallel dimensions.
  • Captain Bones : An action-adventure game about a skeletal pirate who must assemble a crew to find his lost treasure.
  • Downhill Crashers : A crazy race between unpredictable skiers who have to slide down snowy slopes full of traps and obstacles.

do not waste time ! Up to 33 demos are available December 31 onlyTake advantage of this to enrich your video game experiences and support indie games.