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Hamas terrorists: What do the top secret documents found reveal?

Hamas terrorists: What do the top secret documents found reveal?

Documents and maps discovered by the Israeli army in the wake of a surprise Hamas attack reveal the intentions of terrorists who wanted to “kill as many people as possible.”

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Dozens of civilians were targeted in Kibbutz Kfar Saad on October 7 by fighters, killing or kidnapping them.

The Hamas terrorists had highly detailed maps on their hands, reported NBC News, which exclusively obtained the “top secret” documents.

These attack plans identified targets where children were present, such as a primary school and a youth center, located a few kilometers from the Gaza Strip.

Maps found on the bodies of terrorists killed by the Israeli army reveal that they were supposed to “encircle” the school and “bring” the hostages to Gaza.

France Press agency

The two units were scheduled to surround the kibbutz from the east and west, according to documents that Israel is analyzing.

According to local authorities, the Islamic movement Hamas was collecting information on all kibbutzim along the Gaza Strip, while aiming to target women and children.

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Israel’s recapture of Kibbutz Kfar Saad on October 9 exposed the atrocities committed during the massacre, including the killing of children.

While the foreign press was invited to witness the horror, an official from a relief organization was still shocked by what he saw.

“I saw children killed. I saw children killed. I saw mothers and their children killed together,” Yossi Landau said.