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Thanks to Danish services, the National Security Agency spied on Merkel and her European allies

Thanks to Danish services, the National Security Agency spied on Merkel and her European allies

Danish and European media reported on Sunday that the United States spied on politicians in Europe, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, from 2012 to 2014 with the help of Danish intelligence services.

Danmarks Radio (DR) reported that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had exploited Danish communication cables to spy on senior officials and senior officials in Germany, Sweden, Germany, Sweden, Norway and France.

To achieve this, the NSA took advantage of surveillance cooperation with the Danish military intelligence FE.

DR revealed this information after a joint investigation with Swedish channel SVT, Norwegian channel NRK, German channels NDR, WDR and the daily newspaper. Suddeutsche Zeitung, As well as the French daily newspaper the world.

Danish Defense Minister Trane Bramsen, who was appointed in June 2019, was briefed on the case in August 2020, according to Dr.

The Danish Ministry of Defense, which was questioned by AFP, did not respond, but Mr.I “Systematic espionage by the Allies is unacceptable,” Bramson told the doctor.

It has not been proven that Denmark knew that the United States was using its surveillance system to spy on its neighbors.

Angela Merkel, then German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and then opposition leader Per Steinbrueck were among those the NSA spied on, according to Dr.

The NSA had access to text messages, phone calls, and internet traffic, including searches, chats, and messaging services, according to the doctor.

The NSA spying was reported in an internal FE report codenamed “Operation Dunhammer” and submitted to the FE Administration in May 2015, according to DR.

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Dr. said: His information was confirmed by nine sources who have access to confidential information from FE, and they said their disclosure was independently confirmed by several other sources.

Neither FE nor then-FE Director Lars Vendsen has commented on the revelations so far.

This case of espionage, if confirmed, occurred during and after the Snowden case, in 2013. Edward Snowden, an NSA employee, revealed the existence of a global communications surveillance system and internet campaign targeting Germans in particular and the chancellor’s cell phone in Maeen.

In November 2020, DR previously reported that the United States used Danish cables to spy on the Danish and European defense industries from 2012 to 2015.

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