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Tensions escalated between Belarus and the West over the airspace

Tensions escalated between Belarus and the West over the airspace

The European Union made a decision on Monday to close its airspace in Belarus and advised its members to avoid flying over the country. The final decision rests with the membersEuropean UnionBut most of them seem to want to respect that suggestion.

The result: flights begin to be delayed or even refused.

France in particular refused its airspace Wednesday for a Belarusian plane that made the connection between Minsk and Barcelona, ​​forcing it to turn.

It is an absolutely scandalous truth and an immoral act. Frankly, it is practically air piracy.

Quote from:Anatoly Glaz, spokesperson for the Belarusian diplomacy

National airline Belavia flight had to turn around shortly after take off and before entering Polish airspace.

According to Belavia, Three minutes before take off, French aviation authorities canceled the flight plan without notifying the airline, Who learned about it from the Polish air traffic controllers.

French missionaries Invoke a verbal order from the French Prime MinisterBelavia added in a statement.

The cold disregard for passengers’ interests and safety is simply astoundingAnatoly Glaz added, stressing that most of the passengers were citizens of the European Union A direct violation of the rules of international law.

Earlier in the day, an Air France flight Paris – Moscow was postponed due to reasons related to the situation in Belarus.

Air France confirms that it had to postpone flight AF1154 on the Paris – Charles de Gaulle – Moscow route by Boeing B787 on May 26, 2021, for operational reasons related to bypassing the Belarusian airspace, requiring new permission from the Russian authorities to enter it. AreaThe spokesperson said.

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The flight, which was scheduled to take off at 10:20 a.m. from Paris and land at 3 p.m. in Moscow, has been postponed to Thursday at present.

Ottawa does not exclude possible penalties

The Canadian government says it is discussing the Belarus file with its G7 partners, the European Union, and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Ottawa does not exclude possible sanctions against Belarus in coordination with its allies.

Remember, Canada and the United Kingdom have it Eight Belarusian officials were sanctioned last SeptemberIncluding President Alexander Lukashenko, due to the suppression of the protest movement in the country.

Call to get Urgent investigation International Civil Aviation Organization

European members of the Security CouncilHIM-HER-IT On Wednesday, the United States called in a joint statement, The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to investigate urgently On the alleged hijacking of the Ryanair plane in Belarus on Sunday, after a session of the highest UN body.

this event Unprecedented and unacceptable A must for its managers Full account for that, And adds their statement, which Strongly condemns And also the claim Immediate release The Freelance journalist Belarusian Romanian Protasevich and his Russian girlfriend, Sophia Sapiga, were arrested in Minsk after the plane arrived.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko Meanwhile, it was announced on Wednesday morning It was legal to change the course of an aircraft and then arrest one of the opponents on board on Sunday, before accusing the West of wanting to throttle town.