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Tennis: Nadal reveals why in Australia

Tennis: Nadal reveals why in Australia


Tennis: Nadal reveals why in Australia

Published on December 19, 2023 at 4:50 pm.

A Masters in Sports Journalism, I fell in love with the game of tennis from a young age and always loved reading great stories about the sport. Today, I want to tell them about them, take full advantage of my passion and stay as close as possible to the cards of the rounds.

Days before the start of the 2024 season, Rafael Nadal is taking more time off training in hopes of returning to more competitive form. Majorcan is embarking on an adventure that is completely unknown to him, but at 37, he still wants to shine on the tennis court. The announcement of his return to Australia surprised more than one, as many imagined he was waiting for Clay. But he needs matches…

Injured duringAustralian Open Circuit, Rafael Nadal had a white season in 2023. He even announced that 2024 would be his last major on the professional circuit since 2003. But to say goodbye to this game we still have a final return. Registered for the competition Brisbane To start the year, Natal Counts on finding his feet and competing in the competitionAustralian Open Circuit If all goes well.

Not just Jubilee

When he announced the end of his life for 2024, Rafael Nadal Perhaps sending him a message of wanting to make one last rally in important matches. But his return date will surely change everything Patrick Mouratoglou. “Rafael Nadal’s desire to play in the Australian Open can be explained in two ways. First, he thinks this could be his last year and he wants to play. First judges the famous French coach.

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More to go

Despite that Rafael Nadal He said he doesn’t really expect much when he comes back in two weeks Brisbane Allowing him to quickly assess the situation. With his weekly practice Arthur son Well done but we still have to wait. “Secondly, maybe he feels good, because if he doesn’t feel good, he will skip it and go straight to clay, probably to South America to prepare for Roland Garros, which will undoubtedly be the most important tournament. In his season, he has a better chance of winning because it’s a Grand Slam. continues Mouratoglou.

A truly feasible feat?

Two years ago, when Rafael Nadal He stormed back into the circuit with a winAustralian Open Circuit After 6 months of injury, no one expected such a feat. Mallorca will be in a very different situation this time, as it is unlikely that a 37-year-old player will come back and win matches after such a long time.