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Tennis: Nadal arrives in Australia, return clear

Tennis: Nadal arrives in Australia, return clear


Tennis: Nadal arrives in Australia, return clear

Published on December 29, 2023 at 4:50 pm.

A Masters in Sports Journalism, I fell in love with tennis from a young age and always loved reading great stories about the sport. Today, I want to tell them about them, take full advantage of my passion and stay as close as possible to the cards of the rounds.

It's a big moment at the start of the season and you'll have to wake up early to see Rafael Nadal return. The Spaniard, who has pulled out of the 2023 Australian Open after injury and surgery, will be a big draw in Brisbane next week. Saturday's draw will be a big surprise for him. He has been very active in training in recent weeks and has now set foot in Australia just like the old days.

The 2024 season hasn't even started yet, and fans will be thrilled by the return to competition of one of the greatest legends in tennis history. Rafael Nadal may not be expecting to return in top form, but he may be surprised by the comments of his training partners recently. The Mallorcan is aiming to play a lot in what could be his last season in the circuit.

Hard training

By declaring a return to competition for competition Brisbane, Rafael Nadal Don't do things by halves. Mallorcan did everything he could to get back in shape in time. In recent weeks, he has had a series of training sessions Arthur sonand Richard Caskett For example. Everyone slipped a little word on the appearance of the Spanish champion, who testified that he is playing well and that he is ready to return.

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Nadal in Australia, the answer should come

A few days or hours before the match starts Brisbane, Rafael Nadal Finally landed in Australia. Mallorca has already hit the ball Holkar Rune has Brisbane And patiently awaits the name of his opponent for the first round of the match. This is the first element of the answer we will get during his match on Monday or Tuesday. At 37, he appears more strained than usual, and perhaps with a new perspective his opponents will see him come to the court.

Can you turn up?

Rafael Nadal He has already experienced several improbable resurrections in his career and will hope to repeat the feat of 2022 when he returned to the circuit after injury by getting off to the best start of his career. WinnerAustralian Open Circuit After an improbable turnaround, Mallorcan says he wasn't expecting much. The first few weeks may change his mind.