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Teammate Kyle Beach is suing the Blackhawks in a sexual assault case

Teammate Kyle Beach is suing the Blackhawks in a sexual assault case

In recent years, the Chicago Blackhawks have fallen out of favor in the hockey world. The club, which has replaced several players in recent years, is particularly disdainful of what happened in 2010.

We will remember that in the playoffs, video coach Brad Aldrich abused his position with Kyle Beach, which led to the former player being accused of sexual assault.

The Hawks had also paid a $2 million fine to the main party for their involvement in this saga. Because yes, everyone probably knew about these allegations, based on what they were about.

Although the second floor was cleaned up after the scandal, let’s just say the organization took a big hit. Seeing players defending the leaders of the time or – worse yet – blaming the victim was not acceptable.

And for good reason.

For example, seeing the club punished less severely than the Senators in the Evgeniy Dadonov case has added fuel to the fire in some people’s eyes in the past few days.

But now to add fuel to the fire, we have learned that one of Kyle Beach’s teammates on the Black Aces’ 2010 playoffs is accusing the Blackhawks in a sexual assault case involving Aldrich.

This is what the journalist said Philip Thompson, of the Chicago Tribunementioned.

As reported by a Chicago journalist, the prospect in question, who identifies himself as John Doe, was allegedly “groomed, harassed, threatened and assaulted” by Brad Aldrich during his first Stanley Cup year.

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Lawyers handling the case accuse the Blackhawks of filing the sexual assault case because of “complete indifference and/or willful disregard for the safety of their employees, including John Doe” in the filing.

What the complaint states is that the Hawks chose to sweep the situation under the rug because the Stanley Cup was in the club’s goal. This management of priorities is terrible… and we should note that nothing changed after the series ended.

In John Doe’s complaint, we clearly feel that this mentality must change. There should be no difference between a file managed at the club in the qualifiers or a file in the rebuilding.

Putting victory before the mental health or even physical health of players is over. – Excerpt from the complaint


When we know that the Blackhawks mishandled the Kyle Beach case and when we know that Brad Aldrich was the target of another complaint (in 2013 as a high school senior), we have to wonder how many similar stories will emerge in the coming years in Chicago.

It is hoped that notes will be taken. If we cannot change the past, we can at least take steps for the future. It is very important to do this.