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Team Australia dressed for Paris 2024

Team Australia dressed for Paris 2024

— Posted on March 7, 2024


Australia believes in safe values. Its National Olympic Committee (AOC) is not waiting for D's symbolic date 100 days before the start of the Paris 2024 Games to unveil the delegation's official apparel next summer in France. With no small surprise, they use the usual runner colors of yellow and green. This Thursday, March 7, at the Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Team Australia's Paris 2024 collection includes Aboriginal figures designed by former Olympic boxer Paul Fleming and Torres Strait artist David Bossun. Entitled Walking Together », Paul Fleming's artwork symbolizes the Olympic Games as a gathering place for people of all nations, backgrounds and cultures. The apparel features a new Japanese arrow-shaped graphic. At the 2024 Paris Games, the Australian delegation is expected to be the largest ever, with 460 to 480 athletes and 30 sports.

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