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After being expelled from The Mandalorian, Gina Carano prepares for her revenge in a new movie

After being expelled from The Mandalorian, Gina Carano prepares for her revenge in a new movie

Gina Carano has been kicked out of The Mandalorian by Lucasfilm, but the actress has already found a place to go with her next movie, a revenge thriller.

season 3 of The Mandalorian You’ll have to dispense with the character Cara Dune, who won’t normally be re-enacted after that Gina Carano sacked by Lucasfilm last February. After several embarrassing situations on social media regarding the health crisis, the actress played her role fast and furious 6 And dead list It was Without further ado after comparing Republican voters to persecuted Jews During the Holocaust, in the context of the last US elections.

Then the actress found support from the conservative media company daily wire, who then promised to develop and produce his own film, which seems to be on the right track ever sinceWe know more about this first project since his dismissal. as announced Delivery time, the actress will soon play the role of a person seeking revenge and eradication of (hidden) evil.

Gina Carano in the Mandalorian

The story will follow a woman with a strong personality who survived a serial killer attack and a truck driver nicknamed “The White Knuckle”. Shocked by this event and stunned by the inability of the police to arrest her executioner, she decides to team up with another truck driver to track down the now infamous killer and end his terrifying reign.

Karano spoke to Delivery time : “I’m totally blown away by the idea of ​​doing this thriller with The Daily Wire and Bonfire Legend. I feel exactly where I want and want to be at this time in my life, like I have wings. “

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PhotoLucasfilm in the viewfinder

The film, which has no title yet, was written by Eric Reed, screenwriter hitherAnd At the time of dawnAnd blue steel or full moon, based on the novel White Knuckle written by himself. In addition to staring, Gina Carano will also be a producer, while the team apparently still In negotiations to find a way out.

Delivery time He also explained that the project will be among a series of film and television projects under development for the media company, which is also in the process of distributing it. Filming is scheduled to take place in Tennessee, Utah, and Montana from October, with a launch in early 2022.