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Super Track: A new star is born in Charlevoix

Super Track: A new star is born in Charlevoix

After her triumphant performance over 125 kilometers in 17 hours on the Charlevoix trails, new ultra-track star Genevieve Asselin Demers was back running the next day.

The 35-year-old runner was not satisfied after the most important race in Canada on September 10, as he ran a “small” distance of ten kilometers in the following days, in addition to doing a little cycling.

Former road champion Genevieve Asselin Demers won the UTHC 125km race in 17 hours and 20 minutes.

“I never get tired of running. The landscape is constantly changing. I was going to preserve my country.” a step By continuing to discover other parts of Charlevoix,” she said immediately in a convincing tone.

Photo courtesy of UTHC

When anyone sits in their chair, they wonder what could encourage an athlete to push themselves that far. Genevieve answers meetings, mud and landscaping. Simply.


On a psychological level, she also talks about “an area of ​​the brain that has never been visited,” but the question remains the same. Who wants to go there?

Her achievement places her sixth overall among 330 runners and an hour ahead of the female athletes who won silver and bronze.

Quebec, a structural engineer, concluded her race early Sunday morning at 6:20 a.m. in very wet and difficult conditions. Pictures of the state of some of the runners’ feet at the finish will leave you feeling terrible.

Super Track: A new star is born in Charlevoix

Photo courtesy of UTHC

“I’m a little surprised but I was prepared. I stand straight and I’m not like a 90-year-old. The only painful place is my toes. I’m losing all my nails,” explains Genevieve, who prepares her feet with a miracle recipe a month in advance.

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Do not stop

From a strategic point of view, she also suggests almost never stopping while making an effort because the hardest thing is to start over.

“The minimum. You also have to keep your body warm because the cold causes stomach problems, which is one of the reasons for abandonment. The important thing is also to continue eating. She says: “After three o’clock in the afternoon, nothing comes but you have to continue the calories to finish.” Race,” without any possibility of opposing it.

According to Genevieve, it is impossible to reproduce the atmosphere of the feeding area. You also need to get rid of negative thoughts immediately, without delay.

Super Track: A new star is born in Charlevoix

Photo courtesy of UTHC


“The sound of the rafito is so strong that you hear it a kilometer ahead. Your body will tell you what to take even if you don’t want anything. I saw sushi rice balls. In each cheek I looked like a squirrel. And canned potatoes!”

Finally, even if not everyone is willing to push their limits in this way, ultrahighway enthusiasts seem to “get in touch” with their illness.

“I’ve run with strangers and shared amazing moments. We’re in such great trouble. We’ve become better friends in two hours!”

It’s another world. Some did it in 28 or 29 hours. Me, I’m running fast. It’s shorter,” she finished.

In the future, Genevieve Asselin Demers is considering creating a 171 km Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc.

Let’s know

– For the 12th Ultra-Trail Race in Canada (UTHC), 45% of participants were women. More than 3,000 runners crossed the finish line in one of 13 available distances.

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Genevieve Aceline Demers won the Montreal Marathon in 2015 with a time of 2 hours and 59 minutes.

– She is the mother of two little girls, twins, 4 years old.

-In 2020, serious health problems almost left him with permanent effects.

-Genevieve started running in 2021.

In June, she participated in the 85 km World Championships in Austria.

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