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A salute to Guy Lapointe and the aspiring youth of Quebec

A salute to Guy Lapointe and the aspiring youth of Quebec

As part of Bobblehead Nights that will celebrate 45And the Memory of the greatest team in NHL history, the 1976-77 edition of the Canadiens, paid tribute to Guy Lapointe. The four top-ranked QMJHL prospects heading into the 2022 NHL Draft, as well as three prospects from Habs drafted in 2021 who play at Courteau were in attendance for Tuesday night’s game.

While introducing Guy Lapointe to the audience, the players of this version of Canadians looked toward the giant screen to witness moments from the career of the Hockey Hall of Fame member.

Canadian candidate William Trudeau flanked by Guy Lapointe and Regian Hall.

Jay Lapointe, who holds Bobblehead Surrounded by Canadian Amal Joshua Roy, Phoenix Sherbrooke, Xavier Simono and William Trudeau of the Charlottetown Islands.

The top four QMJHL Rankings heading into the next NHL Draft are Gatineau’s Tristan Lono, Drummondville’s Maverick Lamoreaux, Gatineau’s Noah Warren and Remparts’ Nathan Goucher.

The three Canadians Joshua Roy, Xavier Simono and William Trudeau stop in front of the Habs mural.

Former Canadians captain Evan Cornoyer surrounded by CH Championship presenters Joshua Roy and Xavier Simono, who were deeply moved when Cornoyer told them he had won 10 Stanley Cups.

Gatineau Olympic coach Louis Rubitael is surrounded by two of his players, Noah Warren and Tristan Lono.

Paul Wilson mourns his brother Jane

Jean Wilson, Chair of the Department of French Studies and Associate Professor of Language and Literature at the University of Sainte-Anne, NE, died suddenly. During the call in 2016, we can see Aldea Landry (former counsellor), Jessica Wilson, her father [le regretté Jean Wilson] and Alistair Surrett (University President).