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Acfas Research Publication Competition: Zoom in on the winning works!

Acfas Research Publication Competition: Zoom in on the winning works!

Since 1993, Acfas has invited emerging scientists to publish their research work during an annual competition.

This competition is open to master's, doctoral and post-doctoral students from all Canadian universities, and encourages the production of texts, audio files, videos and storyboards that highlight topics from all disciplines. This year, the sponsor of this competition is Adam Oliver-Brown, a professor at the University of Ottawa and Laurentian University and a science communicator, for whom “art and science are two sides of the same coin.”

On the occasion of the 31stH Edition of the competition, Acfas and Science Quebec Joining forces to submit the winning works, which were awarded on May 14, 2024 as part of the 91st PrizeH Acfas conference, in Ottawa. It is enough to know more about dairy cows, language disorders, marital relations, the dangers of toxoplasmosis or the protection of bumblebees!

Winning business

Amna Fakhfakh and Mateo Isaac Laguna Muñoz

cartoons – The magic of the abasic theatre

by Amna FakhfakhPhD student in speech therapy, University of Montreal, in collaboration with Mateo Isaac Laguna MunozMaster's student in Clinical and Biomedical Sciences, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi

The film follows the journey of Stephane, a 63-year-old man suffering from language disorders following a stroke, who regains his self-confidence thanks to theater workshops offered by the organization Théâtre Aphasique.

Marjorie Seller

My voice / Really active! When cows exercise…

by Marjorie Sellerpostdoctoral student in animal sciences, McGill University

What if we let dairy cows stretch their legs? The idea seems obvious, but unfortunately it is far from the reality of most Canadian breeding operations. This audio capsule explains that providing farm animals with an exercise area helps improve their health.

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Maud Blowin

My voice / How much do you really know about cheese and dairy cows?

by Maud BlowinMaster's student in Food Science, Laval University
What happens to cheese at the molecular level when we change the amount and type of fat in a cow's diet? Here's what you'll discover in this audio capsule: We can make better cheeses through better nutrition for those who supply us with the raw materials.


Aurore Lebourg

video / When the parasite appears during pregnancy

by Aurore LebourgPhD student in Virology and Immunology, INRS – National Institute for Scientific Research

A tiny parasite can sometimes have serious consequences. It is the case for ToxoplasmaResponsible for toxoplasmosis, which can cause serious deformities in the fetus if a pregnant woman becomes infected with it. There is an urgent need to develop treatments that are more effective and less risky for children than those currently available.

Noemi Vins and Florence Sansouci

video / The trap of perfectionism in a relationship

by Noemie Viens And Florence SanssouciDoctoral students in Psychology, UQTR – University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières

In a couple, one partner's perfectionism can sometimes hurt the relationship and feeling of closeness. By following a fictional couple in psychological counseling, the video explains this pressure to be perfect, which when applied to others can impact emotional intimacy and marital satisfaction.

Emily Morin

text / Floral ribbons are specially made to conserve endangered bumblebees

by Emily MorinMaster's student in Plant Biology, University of Laval

Did you know that Quebec is home to about twenty species of bumblebees? Unfortunately, many of them are threatened with extinction. In collaboration with farmers from Monteregie, the research team placed ribbons of flowers along the edges of the fields. The goal: to conserve these precious pollinators.

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Photos submitted by the winners.