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Study |  The majority of Brazilians in intensive care are under the age of 40

Study | The majority of Brazilians in intensive care are under the age of 40

(RIO DE JANEIRO) A study coordinator from the Brazilian Association of Intensive Care (AMIB) revealed on Sunday that the majority of Brazilians suffering from COVID-19 in intensive care are now under the age of 40.

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The AMIB study coordinator said people under 40 with coronavirus in intensive care, who now number more than 11,000, became the majority (52.2%) in March.s Ederlon Resende.

It was just 14.6% at the start of the pandemic a year ago, then 45% between September and February, according to the same study.

Dr. said.s Rezende. “This increase for this age group is very large.”

The UCI project sees several reasons for this.

People over the age of 80 – who now only make up 7.8% of people in intensive care with the COVID-19 virus – are now mostly vaccinated.

Additionally, young men are more at risk, either because they have to work, or because they believe they are less vulnerable, according to the AMIB study.

Finally, the Brazilian variant of the virus, called P1, is, according to experts, the main cause of the dizzying increase in the number of deaths in March.

Dr. said.s Rezende.

The number of COVID-19 patients who ended up in intensive care without developing other illnesses in March was nearly a third of the total (30.3%), according to the study, while the number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care recorded 58.1%.

Brazil recorded 66,500 deaths from COVID-19 in March, more than double the previous record in July 2020.

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More than 351,000 people have died in just over a year as a result of the disease in Brazil, which has a population of 212 million, a number only surpassed by the United States.