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'Store is Closed': This survival video game isn't to IKEA's taste

‘Store is Closed’: This survival video game isn’t to IKEA’s taste


“Store is closed”This survival video game is not for Ikea’s taste

The Swedish giant has given official notice to the creator of a horror game that takes place in a furniture store very similar to those of the famous brands.

The survival game “The Store is Closed” won’t release before 2024, but its path is already littered with pitfalls. The fruit of independent developer Jacob Show from Ziggy studio, the title is in the viewfinder from Ikea. The Swedish furniture giant has given an official notice to the creator of this furniture store game called “STYR” because it looks a lot like the famous brand’s brands, the site reports. Kotakuwho viewed the document.

Jacob Show says he was contacted by Ikea lawyers to remove any reference to the furniture giant. They gave him ten days to review his copy. I was going to spend the last week of my work Kickstarter campaign To prepare an update for all alpha testers. But now I seriously have to review the entire design of the game so as not to be sued,” the developer, whose project was a success on the crowdfunding platform, regrets. He raised more than 61,000 francs, far from his goal of 11,000 francs.

“Your game uses a blue and yellow sign with a Scandinavian name in the store, a blue box-shaped building, clothing with vertical stripes similar to those worn by Ikea employees, a gray track on the floor, furniture that looks like Ikea furniture and product trends that look like Ikea.” Previously, the game is taking place on the Ikea Store,” detailing the lawyers who accuse the developer of referring to Ikea in their game without permission. The latter denies that he was inspired by Ikea furniture to create the objects for his toy. “I bought generic furniture packs to make this game.” Being a survival game where employees attack when the lights go out, it’s understandable why Ikea doesn’t want the public to associate it with its brand. Especially since some media like playerIndeed, they did so in their articles by talking about a “cooperative horror game set at Ikea”.

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