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Stolen Battery: Unable to start the pacemaker, the 50-year-old dies of cardiac arrest

Stolen Battery: Unable to start the pacemaker, the 50-year-old dies of cardiac arrest

A 56-year-old French man died of cardiac arrest on Saturday after a pacemaker that could have revived him failed to work due to a lack of batteries.

“[La batterie] to steal. Some really have no conscience! There he caused not to help anyone in danger. Lives can be saved but there, we are no longer serving! He angrily fired Alain Crochet, the mayor of Loiret, in an interview with Action Echo on Tuesday.

A few days ago, a seasonal worker working in a pickle field reportedly had a heart attack.

Except when the owner of the building, Olivier Corbin, also a firefighter and head of the rescue center in Saint-Michel-de-Chavigny, went to the scene with a public defibrillator on hand, which is usually installed near the church. The tool did not start.

“I put it in place using electrodes. I was confident. I said [Service d’aide médicale urgente] “Wait, there’s a problem, it won’t start,” he’d say, before realizing the batteries were missing, according to local media.

However, the device had only been used a few months earlier, on April 2, and the electrodes could have been changed the next day, and the mayor who was going to file a complaint denounced the theft according to the Action Echo.

What’s more, just two days later, the disastrous scenario repeated itself when a 62-year-old woman fell ill in her iron tractor, as there was no access to a public defibrillator.

“Let everyone check their devices periodically, to make sure their battery hasn’t been stolen, to make sure it’s working properly,” the mayor would have knocked by bringing defibrillators home.

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