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St-Pancrace is a finalist for the Euréka Awards

St-Pancrace is a finalist for the Euréka Awards

The St-Pancrace microbrewery collects awards for the beers it brews or for the development of its business, but this time it stands out in a completely different kind of competition: awards Eureka! Green and prosperous Quebec.

These awards highlight organizations in Quebec that have adopted clean, local technologies in order to improve their efficiency, competitiveness and environmental record. Baie-Comoise is therefore one of the 20 finalists in this competition presented by Écotech Québec in collaboration with Microsoft and Fonds de Solidarité FTQ.

“We are very happy to be in the final stage of our project to bring back the value of grain brewing,” confirms St-Pancrace Production Director, André Morin.

Spent grains, being the residue of fermentation, usually rot very quickly when wet according to Mr. Morin, who wanted to maximize their value. “We bought a dryer to dry spent grains to extend their life and so we can use them for other businesses, or other sources of food for animals or plants,” he explains.

S-Pancrace already works in collaboration with two companies in the region aiming to achieve a circular economy, ChampiNord and Les Jardins Carmanor, which use spent grains.

“For example, ChampiNord already uses our spent grains, but for them the fact of using dried spent grains will change everything. “He will be able to do more, and he will have more flexibility in his work,” Mr. Morin continues, explaining that the microbrewery produces about 100 Tons of grain consumed annually.

“The biggest challenge is to have a value chain to create a circular economy. It is about involving all players with different needs and different production processes and ensuring that everyone benefits from it,” says Andre Morin.

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In front of many entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and users of clean technologies, the winners of the seven award categories were selected Eureka! Green and prosperous Quebec It will be unveiled on September 28 in Montreal.