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SpaceX is taking legal action to avoid hearing from anti-Musk former employees

SpaceX is taking legal action to avoid hearing from anti-Musk former employees

SpaceX filed a complaint on Thursday against the US labor inspectorate, the NLRB, to try to prevent it from hearing from former employees who claim they were fired for criticizing their boss, Elon Musk.

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The airline claims that federal agency's action is unconstitutional and that the hearing process violates the group's right to a jury trial, according to a copy of the complaint filed in federal court in Texas.

The complaint does not refute the idea that the former employees were fired because they asked their colleagues to sign a letter criticizing Elon Musk's behavior on social media.

“The open letter requested that SpaceX take certain steps to address the observed deficiencies” and referred it to the investigation, according to the court document. A small group of SpaceX employees used the company's internal communications platform to send an open letter to thousands of colleagues in June 2022.

In this letter, SpaceX employees asked the company's management to look into what they considered to be insulting and inappropriate comments from the stormy manager on Twitter – which was renamed to X last summer – according to American media.

The fired employees later filed complaints with the NLRB, accusing SpaceX of violating labor laws. The agency is scheduled to hear from eight of them on March 5.

SpaceX has asked a federal court in Texas to halt the hearing and rule that the NLRB's structure violates the Constitution.

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