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Space in memory of Jackie Zencius

Space in memory of Jackie Zencius

Late yesterday morning, under the summer sun he would have loved, former Mayor Jackie Zencius, who died in error on March 23, 2023 at the age of 73, was honored by the municipality.

Indeed, the city's mayor, Thierry Charpentier, accompanied by several elected officials, welcomed Jacky Zincius' wife, Monique, his two sons, Stéphane and Gabrielle, as well as their wives and all of his grandchildren, Marceau, Mathilde, Adam and Chloé.

An emotional moment as the venue now bears the name of the former mayor and was opened yesterday. “I was touched that the municipality thought of him and gave his name to this space next to City Hall,” Monique Zencius said. Her husband was very fond of gardening, and we would meet him regularly in the school garden where he loved to go. “He was also very passionate about classic cars. He was part of the vintage car club,” she added.

Thierry Charpentier recalled the investment of this former mayor, who is close to his citizens, and who worked in the municipal service from 2008 to 2014. He assumed the position to succeed Andre Pollard at the head of the municipality, in 2006, before he was elected to the House of Representatives. First round of municipal elections 2008.

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