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space.  An American group is establishing its European headquarters in Toulouse, where it is opening a new factory

space. An American group is establishing its European headquarters in Toulouse, where it is opening a new factory

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Pending the construction of the next plant, E-Space’s European headquarters has just opened in Toulouse, near La Ramée (© E-Space)

the global headquarters of Airbus, and promised Earth to many players in its galaxy, Toulouse Never stop attracting actors Aviation Based on space… the latest: the US startup spacewhich just announced on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 its landing in the Pink City.

New European headquarters and factory of the future

space ? In short, this company develops constellations of low orbit (LEO) satellites, To create Internet of Things (IoT) services. It claims to be able to “challenge traditional satellite services in terms of coverage, throughput and ease of installation”.

Having raised US$90 million since its inception, the group announced in a press release the inauguration of a The new European headquarters in Toulouse, France,” where he also wants to “implement a new programme Satellite Production Factory »

There are already 20 employees near La Ramée

The European headquarters opened at the Eisenhower Circle near La Rame. Currently, the group is already hiring “more than 20 employees”, A labor force that plans to double it over the next year, without waiting for its productive activity.

In Toulouse to find a “pool of highly qualified talent”

Baptized E-Space SAS, The European headquarters located in Toulouse “will host several innovation centers” of the American group, he explains: “architecture of basic communication systems, including satellite payload, communication systems integration, strategy and product development.

“By settling in Toulouse, E-Space will integrate the dynamic European space community and have access to a pool of highly qualified talent, as well as state-of-the-art partners and infrastructures. These factors should contribute to the innovation and growth of E-Space’s activities.”


“In active search” on the site 20000 AD2

In addition to the new headquarters, as part of its ongoing manufacturing, E-Space says it is “in Active search for production site A satellite with an area of ​​approx 20,000 m2“, which “the company plans to open in 2024”. It envisions a “significant expansion” of its manufacturing operations, and plans to “hiring” More than 260 people by 2025 in Toulouse.

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European “epicentre” of the group

according to Greg Wheelerthe CEO, will be the entity of Toulouse “Focus” activities in Europe.

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“The opening of E-Space’s European headquarters in Toulouse marks an important milestone in the growth of our business. It forms the center of our European operations and embodies our commitment to being at the forefront of the space and IoT industries.”

Greg WheelerFounder and CEO of E-Space

“We believe our new European headquarters will be a catalyst for major innovation and development,” he says. Karim Michel SabbaghGeneral Manager of E-Space SAS for Europe and the Middle East.

With… the former Minister of Transport!

Founded by entrepreneur Greg Wheeler (former CEO of OneWeb and O3b Networks, and other operators in the sector), E-Space also announced on Tuesday its new launch. french board of directors, It consists of “influential leaders” in defence, politics, finance, communications and space. Advice in which we find in particular… certain Jean-Baptiste Djebarithe former Minister of Transport turned to the private sector, but also Major General Michael Friedlingformer head of the French Space Command.

U-Space, which is the other Toulouse-based startup

In order not to be confusing! A few weeks ago, another startup in the sector, called U-Space, announced its desire to create a 1000m2 In Toulouse also by 2024, and still in nanosatellites.
It already employs 43 employees, and has stipulated that “25 more people will be hired by the end of the year.”

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