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South Korea: The Prime Minister submits his resignation

South Korea: The Prime Minister submits his resignation

Yonhap News Agency reported on Thursday that South Korean Prime Minister Han Dak-soo submitted his resignation after his party's defeat to the opposition in the legislative elections.

“Prime Minister Han has expressed his intention to resign,” a senior presidential official told reporters, according to Yonhap, adding that several of the president's aides are also considering resigning after the election defeat, which puts President Yoon Suk-yul in bad shape until the end of his term.

The head of South Korea's ruling party did the same. “I apologize to the people for not choosing me,” said Han Dong-hoon, head of the National Party. “I take full responsibility for the election results and step down from my position.” , to the press.

The election, widely viewed as a midterm referendum on South Korean President Yeon Suk-yeol's conservative agenda, was a dismal failure for the latter.

“I will humbly respect the will of the people expressed in the general election, reform state affairs, and do my best to stabilize the economy and people's livelihoods,” Yoon said, according to his chief of staff, Lee Kwan-sop.

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