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“Here are the 3 most important mistakes you make when booking a plane ticket”

“Here are the 3 most important mistakes you make when booking a plane ticket”

A flight attendant revealed the three most important mistakes travelers make when booking plane tickets, explaining that these mistakes often lead to a chaotic trip.

Caroline originally outlined these mistakes – and tips for fixing them – in 2022. However, her video has resurfaced as millions prepare to book tickets for their next summer vacation.

“I hope this makes your travel experience a little smoother,” the flight attendant said as she offered her advice.

Left late!

First, Caroline said many people make the mistake of booking flights for the afternoon or evening.

The flight attendant urged everyone to buy a plane ticket early in the morning, as there is less chance of delay.

“I know you don't want to wake up at 3 a.m. to catch a flight at 5 a.m. But I promise you that the earlier your flight is, the more smoothly things will go.

Reducing downtime

The second common mistake when booking a flight is the stop time.

According to Carolyn, many travelers don't care about the timing of their connection, which often leads to unnecessary stress.

“If you book a connecting flight, make sure you have at least two hours between the two flights,” she advised, noting that planes are often delayed during peak periods in the summer.

It also suggested international travelers allow three hours between flights, giving them plenty of time to clear customs before boarding the second flight.

Caroline warns that many third-party providers only allow 30 minutes for the transfer process.

“You don't want to feel stressed and rushed after your flight and not be able to get on the next flight, when the next flight is packed,” she said.

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Evolve in the dark

The third and final mistake travelers make is not downloading the airline app once they book a ticket online.

“This will be a huge help when you're navigating the airport,” says Caroline, adding that the hack has made preparing for the flight much smoother.

“You can find out if there is a delay and get information about your connecting flight and its boarding gate,” she explained.