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Sold Just for Laughs: Gilbert Rozon seeks to make back his millions

Sold Just for Laughs: Gilbert Rozon seeks to make back his millions

In a last-ditch attempt to recover millions of dollars owed to him, the Just for Laughs Group founder is going to court to force the American buyer to honor his former company's takeover contract, signed in March 2018.

In an application filed with the Superior Court of Quebec, Gilbert Rouzon claims that he has not yet received from the buyer the full amount of the sale of his company, which was concluded six years ago. Taking into account accrued interest, prosecutors estimate his deficit at $16.62 million.

Mr. Rozon's application was made in his personal capacity and as guardian of Fiducie Rémi. The legal action is being carried out jointly by Mr. Rozon's longtime business partner, Guélene Lalonde, who today introduced herself as president of Productions Flairs.

Creative Artists Agency

Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Los Angeles, a 49% shareholder in Juste pour Laughs, is the first target of this request. It is also targeting ICM Enterprises, which has since been bought by CAA and with which Gilbert Rozon concluded the sale of his company, amid the turmoil following sexual misconduct allegations against him.

To continue benefiting from the tax breaks, the American company quickly appointed two local shareholders: Bell (26%) and Evenco (25%), owned by the Molson family. United within the same numbered company, they were mentioned in the filing as an “involved party.”

Businesses targeted by the request have a maximum of 30 days to respond. Plaintiffs Rozon and Lalonde also reserve the right to seek recovery of their legal costs.