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Smell the end of the strike in Exceldor

Smell the end of the strike in Exceldor

Si les 550 travailleurs de l’usine d’Exceldor à Saint-Anselme, au sud de Québec, suivent les recommandations de leur syndicat lors du vote qui se tiendra cette fin de semaine, ils mettront fin à la gréantpuent de mainis qu’ Month.

This morning matters ended with Exceldor accepting the settlement proposed by the mediator. “The management of the cooperative says it is ready to resume operations as soon as possible,” the company said in a press release. His spokeswoman, Gabrielle Vallow, said no one was available for an interview.

On the union side, we say we are “relaxed” and “happy” to maintain the reconciliation process. “Members of the negotiating committee will recommend members to vote in favor of the proposed settlement,” said Roxanne Laroche, National Representative of the Food and Trade Workers’ Union (TUAC).

Union members demanded higher wages and better working conditions inside the factory. Details of the settlement will not be known until workers at the factory have voted on the proposal.

The union and the employer met in the office of Labor Minister Jean Boulet, yesterday, to end the dispute. “This is good news,” the minister commented on Twitter today.

Vote this weekend

Now it’s up to the members to decide, which will happen this weekend. M remembers. “We were expecting a decision from the employer yesterday, today or tomorrow.”I Thrones from TUAC.

With the decision passed this morning, it will be impossible to organize the vote for tomorrow. “It’s a big boat we have to turn around, the negotiating committee is meeting this afternoon to sort it all out,” she adds.

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Members will be able to vote online after the Zoom meeting if they wish. Those who do not have a computer or are uncomfortable with computers will do so in person. Results will be announced on Sunday at the latest.

“It is impossible to gather 550 people to vote in the current health conditions, and that complicates things a bit,” the unionist adds.

Finally, once the vote has taken place and the motion has been duly accepted, a protocol will be drawn up to get back to work. “It may take a few days for the plant to start again before it reaches its full slaughter capacity,” Roxanne Laroche explains.


Exeldor “from the beginning wanted to find a solution quickly in order to put an end to food waste,” the cooperative reiterates in its press release published this morning.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the employer asserts that more than a million chickens have been euthanized.

At the source of the conflict, we found the COVID-19 outbreak that occurred in 2020 complicating plant operations. Employees privately lamented that they were not taken into account when they were working the most during this period.

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