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'Skull and Bones': Ubisoft delivers an ambitious video game, but it treads water quickly

'Skull and Bones': Ubisoft delivers an ambitious video game, but it treads water quickly

The project Skull and bones He was ambitious. Maybe too much. Because if Ubisoft spread a vast world to explore, our stay with pirates would make us seasick.

release Skull and bones It was particularly windy. The game took a full decade to develop, and this lengthy load resulted in no fewer than six delays. Despite everything, there were several risks leading up to Ubisoft's latest offering on consoles and PC last week.

In addition to the various bugs encountered, it took us a few hours before we were finally able to find our bearings Skull and bones, a game that jealously guards its secrets and mechanics. what should be done? Where to go? How to perform basic maneuvers? You have to dig deep – and be especially patient – before you navigate this universe with minimal ease and comfort. Therefore, the pleasure, let's put it politely, is far from instant.

“Image courtesy of Ubisoft”

Move up

So we gradually learn that the protagonist – the pirate – must return to the bottom of the ladder after losing the ship and its crew in a fight between himself and the British army. Through quests and affronts, the player will have to recover letters of nobility (or rather, infamy) and put his fleet back in a position to destroy anyone who crosses his path.

The ten ranks on this ladder of shame are slow to ascend from common outcast to chieftain, the final rank which promises to command respect and awe from the coasts of Africa to the East Indies. But we played the game willingly, and finally reached the Pirate title – our fifth – after just over ten hours.

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If its entire premise sounds very exciting on paper, the reality is different. The main problem? Looting enemy ships – a mainstay of many games of the same genre – is reduced to simple generic cutscenes. Loots are stolen at the touch of a button. A frankly disappointing note, actually.

Complex and realistic✭✭

We still have to applaud Ubisoft's ambition Skull and bonesoffers players a massive playing field full of promise that delivers on some of its goals, particularly in terms of the complexity and realism shown in developing and outfitting its ships, its diverse missions, and, in most cases, its stakeholders.

Are you still hesitant to get it? There's some good news: Ubisoft is offering potential players a free trial Skull and bones, and give them an eight-hour stay in this video game world. Those who choose to pay to purchase their copy of the game will be able to keep their progress. Because there is nothing like being able to make a decision for yourself.

Skull and Bones ✭✭ 1/2

  • Available on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.