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Rahman reveals his great suffering and makes everyone cry in Get Me Out of Here!

On Sunday night’s episode of Get me out of here!the campers had the opportunity to read letters written by their loved ones, which inevitably created a touching moment as all the celebrities broke down in tears hearing the news from their family members.

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The situation is different for a dancer revolutionAnd Rahman Belkebishand the latter cracked while reading a poem written by one of his friends.

Screenshot via Get Me Out of Here!

“Let’s just say that… family isn’t something I know a lot, a lot,” he said, his throat knotted with emotion.

Screenshot via Get Me Out of Here!

Although he found it moving to listen to his colleagues read the letters of those they loved, the dancer was particularly annoyed at not knowing this precious feeling.

“I would love it, to see you all fall apart in terms of your family and then your close loved ones like that… Then, I very much hope to build one in the future,” he said, under sad eyes from other celebrities.

Moment came to seek Colette Proventure Right in the heart.

Screenshot via Get Me Out of Here!

“I’m a very family girl, and it breaks my heart,” she explained in her confession.

Natalie Simard She also had a heavy heart and promised that she would always be there for the Merciful.

It’s definitely interesting to see the depth of connections celebrities forged in a wild, obstacle-rich TV concept like Get me out of here!.

Screenshot via Get Me Out of Here!

Unfortunately, at the end of Sunday night’s episode, the audience learns that it was the dancer who had to pack up to go back to Quebec.

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