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Shock of confidence in refereeing - TVA Sports

Shock of confidence in refereeing – TVA Sports

Chris Lee and Dan O’Rourke’s performances have caused a lot of ink to flow over the past few days and many fans are wondering about the famous criteria in the playoffs.

In a podcast interview DosageDetective Renaud Lavoie recounted an interesting discussion he had with the Director General of the National League.

“Before qualifying, we were told: ‘Don’t you expect us to raise our arms when there are penalties, our job is to manage the match.'”

A statement that leaves Renault Lavoie deeply puzzled: “So we ask the officials to go there 100% to judge them. This means that you are no longer working! You are running, but what are you running?!”

Now, what about the Canadian camp? Can Mark Bergevin share his complaints with the league?

There is a responsible actor present in every series. Every day they have discussions with the general managers. You do not have to fax to the university or take a public outing. Just make a call and discuss the points you want to improve.”

Since the beginning of the series against the Golden Knights, Canadians have enjoyed six advantages in playing Force vs. 11 in Vegas.

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