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NHL Playoffs: Dessert for Guillaume Latendresse

NHL Playoffs: Dessert for Guillaume Latendresse

Guillaume Latendresse, upon arriving at TVA Sports in January, may not have believed that the Montreal Canadiens would be considered five months later as a serious contender for the Stanley Cup. Transformation makes his work as an analyst even more exciting.

“Canadians’ trip this year is exceptional,” the former hockey player commented in an interview. The team surprises every day. Every time you think they’re in a corner like a rat (laughs), they manage to get out of it and surprise everyone and change the odds. The way they go out night after night is a dessert to us. We have the opportunity to create feelings, a feeling with the people who look at us…”

real complicity

Guillaume Latendresse is very fond of TVA Sports. Since the start of the qualifiers, he often heard about his interference with Louis Jean and his friend Maxime Lapierre during the breaks from the matches, and the lively discussions that followed the matches to be played. Dave Morissette live And the complicity that binds him to all his colleagues. He asserts that collusion is not fake.

NHL Playoffs: Dessert for Guillaume Latendresse

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Guillaume says, “For us, this is a golden opportunity. When you are happy, I think it goes through the ether. The chemistry is very good. Everyone is generous.”

Latendresse worked for seven years at RDS before changing the channel to join forces with TVA Sports in early 2021. He didn’t leave one antenna for another; Following the birth of the podcast he created with Maxime Lapierre, blue pocket, his sightings and those of RDS did not match. TVA Sports came later.

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When we asked for his services as a communicator, our man fancied himself becoming a coach, but his lifestyle as a father of 12 and 7-year-olds was more dedicated to the media. He’s very happy about it, especially since his podcast “La Poche Bleue” has “The Wind in Its Sails”, he rejoices.

NHL Playoffs: Dessert for Guillaume Latendresse

Images Courtesy/Sports Tax

lucky dance

At TVA Sports, Guillaume Latendresse appreciates the field of view that has given him to be himself, without having to make up his character.

“The first discussion I had with TVA Sports was that if we hired Guillaume Latendresse, we’d hire the person I am, with my way of being, standing, talking and humorous. Sometimes my beard might not be cut for a day (laughs). And that’s exactly what she wanted.” TVA Sports”.

Now that Montreal and Vegas have faced off in the semi-finals between them en route to the cup, has Guillaume Latendresse keeping his initial prediction of winning six games for the Golden Knights? Yes, but he admits that the Canadian’s compelling performance shakes his certainty a bit.

One thing is for sure, he and Maxime Lapierre have no intention of giving up on the lucky little dance they created to inspire The Glorious, which went viral on social networks, and spawned a partnership with CKOI channel.

“I started in match 5 or 6 against Toronto, and the next day, after CH won, everyone was asking us. He went crazy! We lost our first ‘game’ of the series against Vegas, and the world was writing to me to accuse me of changing my moves. It was People are mad at me! (laughs).”

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The series between the Canadian Knights and the Golden Knights continues on Tuesday on TVA Sports.