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She lives in a Tesla Model Y with her dog and cat

She lives in a Tesla Model Y with her dog and cat

We’re not used to talking about various facts about Survoltés, pretty rarely anyway. However, there are stories that defy the norm and attract attention. Like this story about a Canadian in the US who made a Tesla Model Y a motorhome.

Source: Little Hippy Gal

We’re not used to talking about various facts about Survoltés, pretty rarely anyway. But some of the stories are out of the ordinary and worth a detour. The Canadian in the US who turned her Tesla Model Y into a motorhome is one.

For some, living in a car is unfortunately not an option, but a limitation. This harsh reality affects many homeless people who have to make do with the shelter a car can provide. However, for others, like this Canadian, this situation is something of an adventure.

radical change

After the breakup, she finds herself with a Tesla Model Y SUV as her ex-boyfriend takes it back home. Rather than move back to Canada, she decided to make the Tesla her home. And she is not alone. She is accompanied by two loyal companions, a dog and a cat.

Contrary to what one might imagine, she has not made any modifications to her car. The only changes envisaged are the removal of the rear seats, which are not useful to the nomadic lifestyle. Note that the Tesla Model Y, with its size, offers more space than the Tesla Model 3, which in 2020 has already seduced an American to a similar adventure. Even if our Canadian is thinking of replacing a Tesla with a pickup truck, he realizes certain advantages of the brand.

Tesla advantages for a nomadic life

Life in a Tesla has its perks, especially when you are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of electric cars. Electricity for charging is often free, which allows for this Little hippie gal (This is how it looks on his YouTube channel) to reduce expenses. But Tesla has its own characteristics that make it particularly suitable for this lifestyle.

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the camp mode, for example, allows the air conditioner to operate even when the car is stationary, providing great relief on hot nights. Moreover, the dog fashionOriginally designed to monitor the temperature when pets are indoors, it has also proven useful for her cat.

Source: Little Hippy Gal

According to Little Hippy Gal, her pets seem to enjoy this adventure as much as she does. Of course, they spend a lot of time outdoors, using the Model Y primarily for commutes and overnight stays. For now, the Tesla remains their home, waiting to perhaps one day find the truck or tiny home of their dreams.

Camping potential in Tesla

While Little Hippy Gal’s story is exceptional, she’s not the only one who sees the potential of Tesla car camping. In fact, more and more Tesla users are turning to their electric cars as an alternative to outdoor vacations. And the accessory specialists were quick to seize the opportunity, now offering mattresses dedicated to transforming the interior of Teslas into true comfy beds.

Another Canadian speaks French I tried the experiment with its Model Y. Although she only opted for this solution for a few nights, her experience reflects a growing trend among Tesla owners. The convenience of a car, combined with the right accessories, provides a one-of-a-kind camping experience.

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