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She finds her cat trapped in a wall after renovations in her apartment

She finds her cat trapped in a wall after renovations in her apartment

An American woman from Pennsylvania returned home to discover that her cat was trapped in the wall of her apartment, where workers had just done renovation work.

The person calling herself “Jay” testified in a video on TikTok that received more than 2.5 million views in less than a week: “I felt very bad, he seemed afraid.”

When the woman returned home, she heard meowing and scratching on the wall, even though the workers carrying out the renovation work had mistakenly walled it up.

The cat's owner tried, in vain, to contact the workers before notifying emergency services, who advised her to make a hole in the wall, allowing the cat to free itself from its unfortunate situation.

The New York Post continued that the cat's owner reported the incident to the building manager, and asked him to check with the workers to find out how this happened.

After being horrified by the pictures of the cat stuck in the wall, many netizens commented extensively on the video, even accusing the workers of intentionally covering the cat with the wall, while others admitted that they had been subjected to the same unfortunate incident.

“An HVAC company pinned my cat to the wall, and when my husband told them and asked for help, they recommended I get another pet,” one user complained.

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