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Seasickness: A 23-year-old fell from a cruise ship

Seasickness: A 23-year-old fell from a cruise ship

A newlywed woman fears she will never see her husband's body again after the 23-year-old fell off a cruise ship after telling her he was seasick.

“I feel so lost. He's just left. I'll never see him again. I have so many questions and I won't get any answers about what happened,” a sad and devastated Sophia McPhee, 20, told Scottish media. Daily log Friday.

On March 16, Scot Liam Jones, 23, was setting off on a seven-day luxury cruise to Europe for his mother's birthday, when he wrote to his wife to tell her he was suffering from seasickness on board the luxury cruise ship MSC Euribia. He reportedly told Scottish media.

Except that it was the young man's sister who called him the next day to inform him of an incident in which her husband “would not come back,” as she allegedly expressed her regret.

“Then she said she saw the surveillance camera and he fell into the sea. Since then I have not communicated with anyone. I have been trying to contact MSC since Monday, but it has been a headache. “They are not answering me,” she continued, telling the Daily Record.

For its part, the cruise company had confirmed that a passenger had disappeared while the boat was heading towards Hamburg, Germany.

“Southampton Police came on board today and investigated on behalf of the coroner. “We are deeply saddened by this news and our thoughts are with the family at this extremely difficult time,” an MSC Cruises spokesperson said, according to Scottish media.

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