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Search to stop singing outside the melody

Search to stop singing outside the melody



Video length: 2 minutes.

France 2
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N. Hayter, M. Arribe, E. De Pourquery, A.D’Abrigeon France 2

France Televisions

Do you sing out of tune? Rejoice, knowledge needs you. The Lyon researchers need volunteers to understand why some of the observations were derailed.

What if singing out of tune wasn’t inevitable? What if failed singers succeed one day? You can sing outside the tune because you are hard of hearing, but not only that. In fact, the ear is not everything, it is also a matter of the brain. This is called amusia, and it is a neurological anomaly that prevents the perception of rhythm, strings, and melody. The brain will not develop well to perceive music. So it is about people who sing out of tune but don’t realize it.

In order to study these disorders, the Center for Neuroscience has undertaken: Lyon Ron is recruiting guinea pigs to conduct experiments that could lead to potential treatments. And if, unfortunately, you were not chosen for this scientific study, you still have a shower! There seems to be amazing acoustics in there.

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