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Screen sharing is leaving beta!

Screen sharing is leaving beta!

Long heralded as the flagship feature of WhatsApp, WABetaInfo screen sharing is now available in the messaging app. Much like what Google Meet and Zoom already offer, it allows you to display slide notes or share the content of an app. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is adding a new landscape mode for mobile video calls to improve the user experience.

Image credits: Meta

Make video conferencing more user-friendly in the app

Much like those of Zoom and Google Meet, screen sharing for video calls will bring a lot of joy to WhatsApp users. Especially if you use the encrypted messaging app Meta to host online classes, it gives you plenty of options. In particular, you can show your learners notes or slides to support your explanations. Even better, it can be used to provide technical assistance to friends or relatives who are experiencing difficulties.

In a press release, WhatsApp says the feature can also be used to “share work documents, browse photos with family, plan vacations or shop online with friends or just help out grandparents.” Parents through tech support. Its release is part of a wave of new WhatsApp features this year as it faces competition from Telegram, Signal and Discord. These have already included video notes and opinion polls.

With the new feature, users have the option to share the entire app or a specific app on their device. Note, however, that while screen sharing, the entire content of your screen is visible to other participants in the video conference. If you have information of a sensitive or confidential nature, the best is to hide it before you start screen sharing.

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End-to-end encrypted functionality for users

Like WhatsApp chats and features, screen sharing is protected by end-to-end encryption. Also, it should be noted that it only works with video call sessions and not audio calls. In addition, Screen Sharing will not currently share the app’s screen audio while chatting. However, it may well be that over time WhatsApp will remove this restriction to make the feature more convenient.

To enhance the screen-sharing experience, the Meta-owned service allows video calling in landscape mode. This layout is best suited for feature use, especially when showing slides or presentations. WhatsApp calls it “a broader, more immersive viewing and sharing experience.” As a reminder, screen sharing has been gradually launched in beta for a few months.

WABetaInfo has already reported on its deployment and provided some details on its usefulness. WhatsApp says screen sharing will gradually roll out to Android, iPhone and Windows starting today. If the feature is available for your account, you will see a Share button in the bottom action bar during the video call.

source : the edge And Android Police