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Satisfied with the services provided at the Front Line Arrivals Desk

Satisfied with the services provided at the Front Line Arrivals Desk

A woman from Montérégie said she was satisfied with the services provided at the Frontline Access Office (GAP) of CISSS de la Montérégie-Est.

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Accompany our journalist Chantal Jeffrey at the first CISSS GAP in Monteriggi, open since the beginning of summer.

Ms. Jeffrey, who was suffering from neck and shoulder pain, sought the services of a physiotherapist after consultation with a medical nurse.

“I really like it because I had a very nice reception, good listening and good advice. What’s more, I don’t pay because it’s a health insurance card”, explains the patient to Harold Gagner.

Émilie Brevet, a registered nurse, points out that the problem that Chantal Jeffrey is experiencing does not necessarily require a visit to the hospital.

“There are a lot of people who sometimes call us because of muscle or joint pain. Obviously, it doesn’t always take a doctor.”

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Once consulted, the elder can consult a physiotherapist, without going to any hospital in the area.

The latter lists pains that may require a GAP visit.

“There’s a lot of back, neck and knee problems, if not normal people with crossed backs, sprained ankles,” says Ariane Mainville, who left the private sector after 14 years to focus on CISSS teams in Montereygue-East.

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The Director of Access to Services at CISSS de la Montérégie-Est notes that the GAP model is bearing fruit.

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“30 to 40% of our clients contact us with musculoskeletal disorders. So direct access to a physiotherapist has a positive effect for them. And if necessary, a referral to a doctor […] We are convinced that if a patient sees the right doctor at the right time, they will specifically avoid going to the emergency room and knocking on other doors in our frontline services.

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University researchers are evaluating the benefits of this service, which may soon lead to a second physiotherapist being assigned to the arrivals office.

*See Harold Jani’s report in the video above*