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Santé Quebecois President: More vacations than senior civil servants

Santé Quebecois President: More vacations than senior civil servants

The head of the new agency that will oversee the health network will be able to benefit from a six-week vacation annually, unlike senior officials and executives in other government companies.

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The Legault government does not skimp on attractive working conditions to find The best Who will lead Santé Quebec?

In addition to receiving $652,050 in his first two years, the head of the new state-owned company will benefit from 30 days of paid leave annually.

For comparison, the number one civil servant (Secretary-General), Deputy Ministers and other senior managers in a government agency or institution must be satisfied with 25 working days of leave.

Therefore, the future president and CEO of Santé Québec will have more vacation time than Hydro-Québec's president, Michael Sabia.

The same goes for CEOs of Centers for Integrated Health and Social Services (CISSS) and hospitals, who get five weeks of leave annually.

Like health managers

However, the next head of the new public health organization will not be the only one who will benefit from this competitive advantage. At the Higher Employment Secretariat, we were inspired by what was already offered to other managers in the sector.

“The working conditions relating to the holidays of the President and CEO of Santé Québec are consistent with those of the health network's executives, who provide six weeks leave annually.”

Remember, he will also be entitled to a car allowance of US$610 per month and an allowance of US$1,573 for accommodation outside his home for work.

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In the call for applications published last week, Quebec stressed that the candidate must “possess a graduate university degree in a relevant field,” in addition to having at least 15 years of management experience, including five years at the head of an organization. big.

Santé Québec, created as part of Minister Christian Dube's sweeping reforms, will become the network's sole employer and take charge of day-to-day operations.

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